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WHAT experts do on their homepage to make MONEY…

Have you ever wondered what to put on your homepage?

I mean, how do you communicate that you’re an expert, create value for your visitors, and actually make money?

Brendon Burchard, the Experts Academy guy, has a pretty fascinating approach called “The Home Page ATM.”

Check it out HERE:

brendon burchard

I like how he explains the two “workstreams” every expert must focus on, and then introduces the Home Page ATM.

I guess this is the first time he’s shown the strategy to the public outside of his $5,000 seminars.

It’s pretty simple and I think you’ll find it’s worth the optin.

PS. Brendon is everywhere right now. Using these strategies he made $4.6 million in 18 months as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, and online marketer. We can all get paid more for our advice, expertise and knowledge.

Brendon proves it in this video

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