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The Time You Want The Map Is Before You Enter The Woods

My mentor Brendon Burchard, who is originally from the mountains of Montana, has this great saying:

The time you want the map … is before you enter the woods.

The lesson is basic:

Before you embark on any journey, know in advance how to get where you want to go.

Otherwise, you start doing something and then end up all lost and confused.

That’s what happens for most people in the “expert” and guru space.

They TRY to make money online with their advice or training, they TRY to get published, or create products, or get hired as speakers, or get on tv, or start a life or business coaching practice.

But they fail because they never had the MAP.

Brendon learned this the hard way. But then he got the map and made $4.6 million in under two years.

Now he’s giving people the most comprehensive map I’ve ever seen to succeeding as an expert through books, speeches, seminars, coaching, and online information marketing.

brendon burchard experts academy elite online live

Check it out

Brendon believes the biggest opportunity in the world right now is to help others with your how-to advice for improving their life or growing their business.

Perhaps it’s time you take a new journey and craft a new story of yourself as an expert.

This can be part of YOUR STORY:

Best-selling books and information products

— High-paying speaking gigs and super lucrative seminars

Big-time coaching clients

— Recurring online revenue from your advice and content

Millions of people inspired by your story and training materials

Here’s your MAP

Brendon is offering to hold your hand for 12 months, guide you to success, and give you over $65,000 of training and bonuses to get you started.

It’s really an unbelievable offer and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Look, I don’t know what’s on your agenda today.

But I DO know it’s worth you watching this and getting your map now versus later.

P.S. Before you try anything else or wander into unknown territory in the next few months, get this program. Having the plan is everything. That’s what Brendon’s program is, really — the map for succeeding.

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