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Last Chance to get Maria A. Andros’ Video Conversion Formula!

If I had created a product that has gotten anywhere NEAR as much attention as this, I certainly wouldn’t be closing the doors this soon:

video conversion formula

Maria Andros is closing down the doors to her “Video Conversion Formula” and all new members on Monday, December 6th at MIDNIGHT.

It will be the LAST chance for ANYONE to learn Maria’s killer-converting video marketing secrets

And those same secrets have created HIGH six figure product launches and the secret is that it’s ALL built on easy-to-make, simple-to-edit video!

YOU can jumpstart your business with video especially for 2011, that’s just around the corner.

Of course you know that Video is ESSENTIAL to success online, don’t get left behind…

If you’re avoiding making videos, there’s no time to WASTE!

Maybe you’re embarrassed, uncomfortable, inexperienced with video … it doesn’t MATTER because Maria’s formulas are SO drop-dead easy to learn, to follow, and to PROFIT from, you won’t believe you EVER thought video was hard!

(And if you’re like me, you’re going to be light years ahead of you’re competition as you’re laughing all the way to the bank with Maria’s almost-magical methods!)

Click here to check it out

Her big-name private clients have paid as much as FIVE FIGURES at a time for just a FEW HOURS of access to Maria… in the “Video Conversion Formula“, you can get access not only to WEEKS of exclusive and detailed training… you get LIVE COACHING from Maria herself!

(And you get it for CHEAPER than anyone who’s ever been able to work with Maria before!)

But the fact is, there’s NO TIME TO WASTE!

Because like I said, Maria has to close the doors soon since there’s live coaching involved.

She’s closing on MONDAY, December 6th at MIDNIGHT.

Inside you’ll learn:

> the secrets of effective video marketing to get you the fastest and best results in your business moving forward…

> Working directly with one of the most successful video marketers in the industry to fast track you and save you time in trying to figure it out all by yourself…

Video makes it easy… and Maria makes VIDEO easy!

But this could be your last chance and this gets my highest possible recommendation:

Check it out now, you’ll be glad you did…

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How to make money with video Mr. Miyagi style

If you loved “The Karate Kid” movie when you were younger, you’ll love this new free training video from my friend Maria Andros, who’s also known as the “Video Marketing Queen“. This new video has definitely got people talking…

She’s doing some serious myth-busting, too. Inside, she shows you how just like in martial arts, you can’t expect to become a black belt in video marketing overnight.

You have to learn and practice some FUNDAMENTALS first, before you can get those “ninja” conversions.

Fortunately for us, she reveals those fundamentals in the video, too. And it might not be what you think. (Hint: It’s NOT PowerPoint Screen Capture , and it’s NOT copying the guru’s…)

You’ll also learn how she generated almost a quarter of a million dollars in sales, with online video in just a few weeks.

WITHOUT a big email list, or heavy JV support.

Learn how HERE

Best of all, this is just Part 1 of a whole series of video marketing tutorials that Maria is releasing over the next week or so. If they’re anything like this one, you’re going to want to subscribe.

Inside you’ll learn how to:

-quickly create videos that convert your prospects into loyal customers and fans, drive more qualified traffic to your website, while building your email list.

Check it out today…

P.S. It’s Wax on, Wax off time!

P.P.S Even if you’re not interested in the training right now, you will want to check out this video as an example of how GOOD video marketing is done. Add it to your “swipe file” for sure!

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