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[Q&A] How much does it cost to set up an Online Business and what are the ESSENTIAL Tools of the Trade?

Today I’m going to answer another question I always get about internet marketing…

How much does it cost to set up an online business and what are the essential tools of the trade?”

Well, the cost for starting an internet business is actually very cheap.

In fact, you can get started for less than $100/month!

Let me break down the costs for you now and also introduce you to the “essential tools of the trade”…

1) You need a domain name. That’s the URL that people type into their web browsers to go to your website (eg. or ). I buy my domain names from godaddy and each one costs only $12.99/year (which works out to about $1/month!)

Better yet…

Click here to use this link and you can get a domain name from godaddy for only $7.99/year!

2) You need a reliable web host to store all your files and web pages. Think of a domain name as your address and your web host as your home. The web host I’d recommend you to go with is hostgator. It’s one of the most popular web hosts among internet marketers.

I’d suggest for you to get the “Baby Plan” which costs less than $8/month and yet supports unlimited domains…

You can get a 25% discount off any hostgator web hosting plan by using the coupon code:


This is better than the default coupon code “Spring” which only gives a 20% discount.

Click here to go get your web hosting plan from hostgator (remember to use the coupon code HGBEST2012 for the best discount)

Okay, so far so good… we’ve gotten our domain name and web hosting and it’s only cost us less than $10/month!

3) You also need an email autoresponder. A good autoresponder helps you manage your email marketing and allows you to send emails to your subscribers on auto-pilot.

The autoresponder service I personally use is AWeber. It costs $19/month and you can get a special $1 trial for the first month by using the following link:

Click here to create your $1 trial account at AWeber now

4) You need a proper internet marketing education that offers you the training, tools, community, and 1-on-1 support you need to succeed online. For this I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.

It costs $47/month and I’ve personally been a member since 2008.

Click here to check out what Wealthy Affiliate University has to offer

As you can see, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to start an online business ($1 + $8 + $19 + $47 = $75/month!). Contrast this to a physical business where the rental alone can set you back anywhere from 4 to 5 figures a month (or more…)And this is one of the reasons why I love internet marketing so much… the low overheads…Alright… I hope this blog post has been useful in helping you to understand the startup costs of an online business and the essential tools of our trade.

Talk to you again soon… Feel free to send me your IM questions through my blog. Take care and have an awesome day =)

March 13, 2012   2 Comments