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Watch An Information Product Being Made LIVE

Would you like to watch someone make an information product live – right in front of you – so you can see exactly how it’s done?

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If you’re getting ready to write a book, create a video course, or create your next information product, then go and watch THIS video now:

How To Create A Best-Selling Information Product

This is the best training you can get on how to create an information product that people want to buy – and how to get customers to pay you high prices for it.

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How To Create A Best-Selling Information Product

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FREE Training: How To Create Information Products People Want To BUY

Go watch this new FREE video from Eben Pagan, where he shares his 3-part formula for creating a best-selling information product:

The MIA Video: The Formula For Product Success

Inside, you will learn the most valuable part of an information product (and what people are actually paying for).

You will also get a PDF exercise, that you can do and submit for a chance to win a free iPad or MacBook pro.

Use this video and outline for your next information product, and you will create something that people already want to buy!

Here’s the link again, watch this video now:

The MIA Video: The Formula For Product Success

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FREE Video Training: How To Sell Advice & Information Using Emotional Intelligence

Today I have a new FREE video training and PDF exercise for you from my friend Eben Pagan that shows you how to use your “Emotional Intelligence” to market and sell information online.

Just opt-in here to watch it free

In this video, Eben shows you how to identify the specific emotional “hot buttons” that you can use to get customers to buy your information products, coaching and advice.

In the video and PDF exercise that goes with it, you will actually create an outline for your next information product.

This is the formula that Eben has used to sell over $150 Million worth of information products in a wide range of niches – from dating and relationships to business and marketing… to time management and creativity… and many more.

Go watch this video now, and get the exercise while it is available

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