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What do you want to know about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online?

Yee Shun Jian

Hi, Shun-Jian here.

So, I started this internet marketing blog because a lot of people know about the success I’ve enjoyed online and have approached me to ask different questions on internet marketing and making money online.

Instead of answering them one by one, I thought it would be a good idea to collect your questions as comments on this blog entry and answer them (in days to come) on this blog so that more people can benefit at the same time.

Now what I need you to do is to help me help you.

Please tell me by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry:

What do you want to know about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online?

It would help tremendously if you can phrase your question(s) as specifically as possible because questions like “How do you make money online?“, for example, are too broad to be answered meaningfully.

So, what’re you waiting for?

This is a rare opportunity for you to ask me your most burning questions on internet marketing…

Seize it and fire away!

P.S. If you know anyone who’s struggling with internet marketing and can benefit from this, feel free to direct them here by sharing this blog post with them!

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Shomir Uddin says:

Reading about the position you were in and how you managed to overcome was very inspiring for me.Thank you for the inspiration and sharing you ebooks for free.I ,however, have zero experience with blogging and with making websites. When you had no experience with blogging how did you start? What books and other tools would you recommend for beginners?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Shomir, thanks… I’m glad I’ve inspired you =)

You might want to go read this blog post first… How much does it cost to set up an Online Business and what are the ESSENTIAL Tools of the Trade?

For a good resource, I’d recommend blogging to the bank


maggie says:

Hi yee shun

Im a total newbie in internet marketing.I read your ebook and have just joined the wealthy afffiliates as u recommended.

My question is how do i know which products to promote and how do i carry out my campaigns on the internet.I would like to do article writing kindly recommend resources where i an carry out research

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Maggie, call me Shun Jian.

You can look for products at

They are sorted by categories… so you can choose the one that’s closest to your niche and look for products from there.

What I would recommend is that you take the time to look at the sales copy (which product’s sales copy makes YOU want to buy?) and also if possible get a copy of the product (So you can determine it’s quality and it will also allow you to do a product review article)

I personally don’t do article marketing but I know one of the most popular places for people to submit articles is

Hope that helps you =)

sofiya says:

Thank you very much
I have no idea of ​​the work in the Internet. Never did any step. Except I receive e-mail from you. And the English language difficult for me.

Karalee says:

Thanks so much for the chance to ask questions. I have two internet marketing sites that I joined to get started on making some extra money. I wish there was a fast way to get started. They have all these step by step things that look like they take Forever to get through. I was glad to hear you reference Host Gator cause at least now I know its legit.
Anyways… When I come up with any questions I’ll make sure to ask you first.
Like whats the fast track to getting started?
Thanks! Karalee

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Karalee… I believe you have read this…

[Q&A] How much does it cost to set up an Online Business and what are the ESSENTIAL Tools of the Trade?

If not, please go read it… it should give you a good idea of what you need to get started =)

matthew says:

How does one figure out what to sell? What is the best way to research that? I am assuming a web page is needed?

Yee Shun Jian says:

You can go and take a look at the “marketplace”… There are tons of digital products there in different niches… =)

To get started, read my recent blog post called [Q&A] How much does it cost to set up an Online Business and what are the ESSENTIAL Tools of the Trade?

I believe this should help you =)

Peter O. says:

Hey Shun,

Let me first congratulate you for the success you’ve so far earned. I also commend your generosity in freely sharing with us all you know about this hot stuff FREE OF CHARGE. May God bless you even the more.

I am in a 7-to-5 job that is apparently adding no value to me as a person. I am actually thinking of quitting but this fear of failure keeps pegging me down (you see, I don’t know where to start, and how soon I can lay a hand on my first IM check).

Talking of passion, I have quite a passion for Personal Growth/Self Improvement, which I consider a favorite niche should I venture into in IM. I have no website of my own, and someone suggested the free WordPress portal for a start. I’d love to blog, and later on coach/teach/mentor.

Most IM products I get referred to require some amount to get started, something I don’t quite have at the moment. I feel stuck AIMING, I wanna fire but I cant seem to get a hold of the trigger.
Help me get a hold of it 🙂

Thank You:):)

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Peter…

I wrote a blog post recently called [Q&A] How much does it cost to set up an Online Business and what are the ESSENTIAL Tools of the Trade?

I believe it should answer your question =)

Peter O. says:

Thanks Shun. I read somewhere that we can so easily get what we want by helping others get what they need. I’m happy for you in that you’re not so much motivated by money but rather the heart to help. You’ll surely go places 🙂

vinay says:

Dear Shun-Jian

I dont know how to start.

Thanks & Best wishes for you & your father speedy recovery from illness.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Thanks Vinay…

Start by reading my “How I made S$138,255.80 in Passive Internet Income during the Last Recession” eBook and then take action based on the emails from my internet marketing email newsletter =)

Jolly says:

Hi Yee Shun-Jian, I’m really blessed to have found you on the Internet because u’re simply GREAT. I’d love to have you as my Internet mentor because I believe in you. I equally desire earnestly to do all the things u’ve been teaching me on how I can make money online. But I’ve got some teething problems: (1) It’s been financially difficult for me to acquire a laptop. Would u be kind enough to help me acquire one even if it means I’ve got to pay you on an instalmental basis. (2) How do I open a personal PayPal account from Nigeria to pay and receive payments since I’ll be operating from there? ( Remember: PayPal bans Nigeria from her list of legit countries, no thanks to some of my unscrupulous fellow country ”boys” popularly known as ”Yahoo Boys”). (3) How do I acquire a Credit Card from Nigeria that is universally accepted? (4) Or is Credit Card not necessary for an online business? Please, assist me in overcoming these problems and I’ll be more than grateful. Thank you and God bless.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Thank you Jolly

I’m not too sure about the online business environment in Nigeria. I think the best thing you can do is try to get someone from the US (a friend perhaps) to help you set up accounts there. Paypal allows you to apply for a debit card as well… so that should solve your CC problems.

Jolly says:

Thank you SO much for your prompt response to my questions. I assure you I’ll patronize you once I am able to overcome these obstacles. Keep up the good works.

Mary says:

Thank you Shun Jian, for this last email about the IM basics (and , of course, all your correspondence’s)! I really like your natural passion and I enjoy what you write AND APPRECIATE IT!

I do have a couple of questions about IM, as I am very close to getting started, but still have a lot to learn..
1)Is your list for personal development, and this one, separate? Do you interconnect your lists?
2)Does the membership site that you recommend, teach how to write the Blog— important keys, maybe a system? And how to write an ebook and get it edited, you know– details of the business?
I have been looking at the same one recently. Is that Kyle and Carson?
3)How do we get pictures on the website? This has perplexed me recently! 🙂

And one more pressing question.
I don’t know if I want to use my real, LAST name in my emails– I would love your opion on that.

I understand if this is too many questions, but I appreciate you! Thank you, Mary

Yee Shun Jian says:

Thank you Mary =)

1) Yes my lists are separate but sometimes I do send similar emails to both lists

2) Wealthy Affiliate University covers those topics and more… And they provide useful tools and weekly webinars too. Yes it’s by Kyle and Carson =)

3) If you’re using wordpress, when you’re creating posts, there’s an option to upload pics (the icons are like those of microsoft word… explore a little and you will find it)

4) It’s up to you… I use my real name but I know some marketers who use pen names.

Mary says:

Thank you sooooo much. That really helped! Mary

shaf says:

hi shun
shaf here.
i wrote to you with ref to your question what i want to know about your success online. i was askin for help and info as to recomend for good online biz or product and best traffic syestem.. did you receive itl\i cant see it on blog or email reply


Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Shaf, your question is too vague and broad. Can you ask a more specific question? =)

Zan says:

Hi, Shun-Jian. Thanks for the last post about online start ups….
I was wondering, what do you recommend for shopping carts.
I’ve heard 1 Shopping Cart to Kajabi….

Yee Shun Jian says:

I’ve no experience with either 1 shopping cart or Kajabi so I can’t comment on that.

For payment processing, I use paypal… And the majority of my JV partners (merchants) use clickbank… =)

sebi says:

Hi Shun Jian

I want to increase traffic to my site , what is the best advice you have?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Buy a solo ad from an established list owner in your niche

sebi says:

My site is based on personal development,can you reccomend any established list owner?

Yee Shun Jian says:

LOL… I have over 33K subscribers in the personal development niche and my list is growing bigger everyday =)

A solo ad to my list will be costly though because I’m a proven super affiliate and even product owners are willing to pay me up to 100% commissions to do a promotion.

And I don’t anyhow do solos… would have to approve the offer first and make sure it adds value to my subscribers.

Madeline says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I have just finished reading your ebook “How I made S$138,255.80 in Passive Internet Income during the Last Recession” and I must say you’re one very honest, humble and great guy who’s willing to share your internet marketing journey. Thank you! 🙂

My questions are:

(1) Do you outsource any of your tasks to others (e.g. your blog post, replies etc)? Sorry if I sound too direct. This is because I realise that a lot of IM experts didn’t really write their emails or replies to blog comments themselves.

(2) You mentioned in your ebook that you got into niches you’re passionate about and started your own blogs. Can I say that,for a newbie like me, I should also start with a blog about the niches I’m passionate about? But I actually dislike writing, so is there any other alternative to get started?

(3) Did you start making your massive income after (or before) you had your list of subscribers?

(4) Do you recommend buying solo-ads to get subscribers?

(5) Actually I’m in the education/parenting niche, but I just don’t know where I should start. A blog? Should I include affiliate products on my blog?

(6) Sorry for the long list of questions, one last one. How do we know if the affiliate product we promote is a good one? Does it mean we’ve to buy every product we promote so that we can read and find out if its quality is up to our standard? Like you, I want to help others and I don’t want to promote products which I myself won’t buy.

Thanks a million in advance! =)

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Madeline,

Thanks for your wonderful compliment =)

1) I write my blog posts and comments by myself though sometimes I have guest bloggers =)

2) Yes… Follow your PASSION… That’s key… You don’t want to be doing something you hate… otherwise what’s the difference between doing that and a job?

If you dislike writing, you can always speak and get it transcribed… better yet, make videos… remember that content is not restricted to words… there’s audio and video as well =)

3) I regretted not starting my list earlier. Right now I make a full-time income from email marketing… so I hope that answers your question…

4) Yes… That’s the fastest way to do it… =)

5) Get your own hosting and start your own wordpress blog on your own domain. Start providing valuable quality content FIRST. Give VALUE first… don’t be quick to put up loads of affiliate links and products on your blog before you have provided any value… because people are just going to click the X button and never come back.

6) It’s best if you actually buy the product of course. But other than that, go read the sales copy… put yourself in the shoes of your prospect… is this product something you (and they) would buy? Go find reviews on the product and read them… what does the market think of the product? Does it deliver?

Cheers =)

Madeline says:

Thank you Shun Jian for your prompt reply! =) I have a few more (burning) questions after reading your reply… hope you can help to clarify. =) [Hope I won’t have any more after this cuz I feel so ‘paiseh’]

(1) If I start my own blog, should I start building my list immediately by including the “get-information” box (what’s the exact name for that again?) like what you have on your

(2)How often do you send emails to your list? Once everyday?

(3) Since you’re making your income from email marketing, can I say that you will sell your affiliate products in the emails? I personally have subscribed to a few such ‘newsletters’ and sometimes I feel that there are too much selling. What do you recommend we do in our emails?

(4) Can I start my blog on free blogs websites like Is it really necessary to get our own hosting and domain name?

(5) Is it necessary to blog everyday? Any minimum per week?

(6) I have a getresponse account but I noticed that quite a lot of people use aweber. Is aweber better?

(7) I also noticed that a lot of solo-ads sellers sell solo-ads on IM niche. I tried searching for education solo ads on google but can’t really find any. So how do I build up my list fast if I’m not in the IM niche? Or should I just go into the IM niche since it’s the most popular now?

Thank you once again for taking your time to read and respond to my questions. =)

Yee Shun Jian says:

1) Provide valuable content first. Then create a freebie to give away to start building up your list

2) It depends… For my personal development newletter, I’m sending emails about once a day right now… same for my free christian affirmations email newsletter. But I haven’t started doing that for my internet marketing email newsletter as you can see… because I haven’t written all the content yet. I can start by writing some, start building my list first and adding more content along the way…

3) Go subscribe to and look at what I do in my personal development email newsletter =)

4) I won’t recommend you start your blog on “free” websites like – I already mentioned the reason many times. If you’re serious about building an online business, you need to set up a wordpress blog on your own domain and hosting. It’s professional… shows that you’re not a fly-by-night business and also since you own your own domain and hosting, you don’t need to fear google (who owns blogspot) or some other company who owns the free website shutting you down for any reason they deem fit.

5) When you’re starting out, you should blog more frequently, maybe 2 or 3 times a week… as your blog is more established you can start looking for guest bloggers =)

6) I can’t comment on getresponse because I haven’t used it before. But I know aweber is great because I’ve been using it since I started building my list and I’m a very satisfied client. So yes I’d recommend aweber.

7) I won’t suggest you to go into IM niche unless you have results to show for it in other niches. As you can see, I only started my internet marketing blog after I’ve achieved success actually DOING internet marketing.

Madeline says:

You are really a great guy, Shun Jian! =) Thank you for spending your precious time to help (a stranger like me) clarify my doubts! =) I wish you all the best in everything you do cuz you deserve it!

P.S.: I have subscribed to your personal development email newsletter. =)

Jia Bin says:

Hi Shun Jian,

Thanks for opening up this Q&A Session! I believe many who are starters will benefit from this! 🙂

Anyway, here are my questions :

– What is your advice for people who wanted to start their online business, but yet want to use free services (mailchimp, free wordpress, etc) rather than the paid ones like aweber, paid online web hosting, adwords etc? Do you think they work well too?

(you don’t have to be obliged to answer if this is too personal to you)
– How long does it take for your websit to really make money?
I know even John Chow takes quite a while to earn some decent money.
– What strategies will you give to people who are not doing so well (i.e. website been many long months and not making any cents yet)?

Thanks in advance for hearing from you! 🙂

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Jiabin,

To answer your first question…

If you’re serious about starting an online business, you need to invest in the essential tools of the trade.

What do I mean by essential tools?

1) Invest in a proper domain name (around $10/year)

2) Invest in proper web hosting (< $10/month) - Use coupon code sales25off to get 25% off!

3) Invest in a proper autoresponder ($20/month) – You can start with the $1 trial

As you can see, all these tools are NOT expensive… If you were to start an offline business… just rental on its own will cost you 4 to 5 figures a month.

Can you use “FREE” services? Of course you can… but you get what you pay for…

Bear in mind that Google can shut down your free blogspot blog anytime for ANY reason (same goes for hosted blogs). That’s why you need to have your own wordpress blog hosted on your own web hosting service (with your own domain name).

Remember that You are running a PROPER business… Does a or blog look professional? Will people trust you and believe that you’re not a fly-by-night business?

Same goes for autoresponders. You can always use a “Free” one… but have you considered issues like deliverability, support etc?

I have been using AWeber for almost 4 years now and use their services to manage over 36,000 subscribers. I’ve been very happy with them… That’s because they have given me peace of mind (that they will not suddenly shut down and leave me stranded) and they are always ready to offer me support (live chat or email) whenever I face any difficulties.

I can also rely on their deliverability rate as it’s one of the highest in the industry.

The amount of money I pay for web hosting and domains and my autoresponder pales in comparison with that which I make because my business is built on the foundations of their solid, reliable services.

If you’re not willing to invest in the basic infrastructure for your internet business (which is so much cheaper compared to that of an offline business), how can you expect to convince yourself that you’re serious about making a full-time income from the internet… that you’re serious about making it work?

Now to answer the rest of your questions…

It took me a couple of months, doing Internet Marketing full-time, before I started making any significant income. I shifted my mindset and started buying ads (saw it as a necessary cost of business)… that made a big difference…

What I would advise you to do is to start investing in proper infrastructure first and start building a list. Reflect on what’s not working. Test different things out (You can’t continue to do the same things you’re doing that are not getting you the results and expect them to work without making any changes). Find a mentor… learn and model what they’ve done. Invest in your business (Essential tools, Ads, Education etc) and you will start to see positive results =D

Wilson says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I am currently studying in polytechnic studying the course that I am not passionate with due to my poor o level results.I have my own passions and one of my passion is internet marketing.

Does getting a degree benefit me?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Wilson, I’m not in a position to tell you if you should be taking a degree or not.

I personally have a degree but I’ve also seen people who don’t have degrees succeed online…

It’s really your decision.

Wilson says:

By getting a degree,will it beneficial for internet marketing?such as improving in writing,mindset etc.

Yee Shun Jian says:

I’m sure if you take a relevant degree like marketing and IT, it would help to a certain extent…

Mindset wise you would benefit more from seminars that deal specifically with mindset.

If you want to improve your internet marketing skills though (and get a proper internet marketing education), you might want to consider something like Wealthy Affiliate University

alex says:


Yee Shun Jian says:

Use paypal…

Go to to sign up for an account =)

Deb says:

I have two questions to start off with.
– do you have to build your own website or do you start off with a site that builds it?
– do you use a mlm site and pay them to build and add as you go along?


Yee Shun Jian says:

I’d recommend you to build your own website. It’s your property and nobody can take it away from you.

I’ve included info on how to do it in my earlier comments… go read it… If need be, I’ll write a blog post about it =)

No I don’t use any MLM site… Please don’t get IM confused with MLM… Go read the eBook I’ve given you when you sign u for my email newsletter and it should give you a much better idea of what IM is =)

Olive says:

G’day Shun Jian,
I’m looking to start writing ebooks for educators to help them incorporate mindfulness meditation into their classroom. Any ideas how I can publicise this internationally (I live in Australia) and attract extra earning through tie-ins?
Many thanks,

Yee Shun Jian says:

Before you start creating your own products, you may want to do market research to see the market demand, competition and supply.

Go to and and see if there are already similar products out there… Go look at their sales pages, see who they are targeting.

My advice is to start with affiliate marketing. You don’t want to spend all your time and money creating a product until you are confident there’s a market out there and there are people making money selling similar products =)

Richard says:

I don’t know where to start,

Yee Shun Jian says:

Go read the eBook I gave you as a gift for subscribing to my email newsletter first.

And stay tuned to my email newsletter… I’ll be including tips to help you get started =)

Tony says:

Hi Yee,

Thank you for including me on your list. I am really new at this kind of stuff and I am not the techie type of a guy. But we share the same passion for aspiring to be wealthy and paying it forward as thanksgiving. I`d like to ask you how will I begin this business and do I need to shell out capital and how much would that be? As I said I do not have knowledge in website or blog creation, what are the baby steps that I need to do? Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting you here in the Philippines so that we may spread your vision for all those people who are dreaming for financial freedom.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Tony go read the earlier comments on this blog post… I’ve included advice on how to get started. Also, stay tuned to my IM email newsletter… more tips coming your way =)

Good day Shun Jian,

Before anything else, I want to thank you for sending me your response to my subscription to your IM newsletter.

The information you have provided are very useful and easy to follow. You are the first internet affiliate who shows concern to budding Internet Marketing entrepreneurs by providing helpful tips about it. To tell you honestly, I’m too excited to begin my activities as a Clickbank affiliate. I have already signed up for it more than 6 days now but I have not started making out my “hoplink” for products that I intend to promote. I have the enthusiasm and interest to do it but since I’m a full time secretary in one of the engineering companies here in Saudi Arabia, the only free time I have is during the night and during Friday. I’m trying to acquaint myself with all vocabularies of the internet marketing business so I won’t be lost when I read some internet marketing tips and/or information during my internet surfing. Honestly, I’m loaded with my office work and even bring home some minor typing job for the sake of finishing it faster when due time comes.

I’ve subscribed to “League of Power” but I haven’t begun yet the documentation requirements to get me moving. Is “Leage of Power” a legitimate vendor? Just asking.

Tomorrow night, I would begin on reading about creating my own “hoplink” to kickoff my affiliate role in Clickbank. I’m just acquainting myself with so much terms in the internet marketing business prior to formally starting my actual internet marketing efforts.

Trust me that I will be reading your IM newsletter everyday. I’m just like a baby in this internet marketing business, trying to make my first step into the real world of internet marketing. However, knowing you at this time would really make a big difference in my efforts to really stand up on my own in the next few months or even years. Just be patient with me in the future when I ask some basic things from you. I’m that type of person who would doesn’t pretend to know something which I really don’t have any clue. Let me end my email now since I’m about to sleep but let me extend my deepest thanks to you for your kind gesture of offering your assistance in letting those newbies like me, to be acquainted with the internet marketing business.

Thanks & best regards,


Yee Shun Jian says:

You’re very welcome, Emmanuel…

I’m not familiar with League of Power.. so can’t really comment on that.

Yes stayed tuned to my IM newsletter… and go read and re-read my “How I made S$138,255.80 in passive internet income during the last recession” eBook I gave you!

Ling says:

Hi Shun Jian,
I am going to retire soon and I need to know how to start a internet business soon.
Can you please show me how.
Thank you,

Yee Shun Jian says:

Ling, I can definitely show you how…

Have you read my “How I made S$138,255.80 in passive internet income during the last recession” eBook yet? If not you can go download it for FREE at a href=””>

Just stay subscribed to my internet marketing email newsletter and I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to start your internet business etc. If you want, you can also refer to the rest of the comments in this blog post (There are over 100 comments). There are golden nuggets through out the blog comments here which should be able to help you =) I’ll be conducting seminars in Singapore soon and probably Malaysia too where you come from… I’ll keep you updated… Cheers!

Diana Drew says:

Shun Jian, I would like to know what would be the best way to make money with my expertise (singing) using internet marketing. Should I write a book? or have a set of CDs online for sale? or make a radio station online? or offer singing lessons online somehow (I don’t know how I’d do that)? or make a contest for singers online? I’m not even sure what or how to approach it. It seems confusing and insurmountable to me.

Yee Shun Jian says:

I think a series of video training lessons would be awesome. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. I take most of my videos with a normal digital camera (and since I dropped it and it no longer works… I just use the camera feature on my iphone 4S!). Just get your training material (videos) out first. Worry about the rest later.

One Step at a time! Ready, Fire, IM! (You will know what I mean if you’ve finished reading my eBook)

Diana Drew says:

Thank you Shun Jian!

Diana Drew says:

May I say that you have given me the courage to be in action. I have just realized that I have been ‘aiming’ (planning) my whole life and been too frightened to fire (be in action) thinking that the circumstances aren’t perfect yet. OMG! It brings tears to my eyes when I think of all of the life I have wasted playing safe. Wow.
I want to thank you Shun Jian for believing in me. Noone has ever given me that unconditional acceptance. I am used to being judged and criticized. Thank you so much. <3

Yee Shun Jian says:

You’re very welcome Diana… There’s a reason we attract the people we attract into our lives and I’m glad you’ve been brought into mine. I’m so happy I’m making a BIG difference to your life =D

Mary says:

Hi Dianna,
I just wanted to say that your post is so moving to me! I can relate and I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to you!

It is scary to swim against the tide (the beliefs that we were brought up in),
but for those of us on this FORUM, there really is no other way, we have “a calling”– you might say!
Good luck and God Bless! Mary

Mary says:

Congratulations Diana!
I can totally relate! Good Luck!

Diana Drew says:

One more question: how do you attract traffic? This may be too big of a question to answer here but this is the question that has always stopped me from trying because I didn’t understand how to attract traffic.
Thank you for being you, Shun Jian. 🙂

Yee Shun Jian says:

You’re right… This is a very broad question. Let me just give you some ideas…

There are many ways to drive traffic…

Forum Marketing, Guest Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (also known as Social Media Marketing), Solo ads, Ad swaps, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads (Also known as Pay Per Click Advertising), Joint Ventures etc.

What you want to understand is that you want to drive TARGETED traffic… not random traffic… This means you don’t go around paying people $10 to send an email to 1 million email addresses he scraped off the internet. That’s called spamming and it can get you into trouble and that kind of traffic usually won’t convert into sales.

One way you can drive traffic right now is to find prominent bloggers in your niche (google your niche + blog… the top 10 results usually are the prominent bloggers) and offer them a valuable piece of content as a guest post.

You should see TARGETED TRAFFIC coming to you once the article has been published.

Hope that helps, Diana =)

Mary says:

Hi Shun-Jian, I hope you are well!

I also have a question about traffic. I am interested in free traffic, and would like to know more about paid traffic, for the future.
I have seen those lists about where to get it, but so far, I don’t really understand how to use them.
Is there a book or website, that you can recommend, to clarify it?

Thank you for all your help! Mary

Hi Shun Jian,

It seems like your favorite traffic source is PPC. I have 2 questions.

1. Do you focus entirely on Google Adwords, or do you use Yahoo! and Bing as well?

2. Where do you send your PPC traffic to? Your squeeze page, blog, niche review site or directly to the merchant’s sales/squeeze page?

Thank you!



Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Mark,

1) For PPC, I tested out the different sources and still believe google adwords is the best source of PPC traffic.

2) Either my squeeze page or direct to the merchant. Sending traffic directly to a blog is a waste of money. There’s no clear focus on what the prospect should do… unless you’re sending to a direct blog post with clear instructions on what actions the prospect should take.

Hope that helps =)

Thanks a lot Shun Jian! That makes a lot of sense. However I thought Google doesn’t like affiliates sending PPC traffic directly to merchants’ sales page? Did you ever have problem with that? Is that a good way to generate sales?

Thanks again!



Yee Shun Jian says:

I think you can’t do it for clickbank products anymore but it’s still possible for other affiliate programs. Be careful though… Don’t promote anything to do with making money online (even the best product which actually works!)or you will get your adwords account suspended faster than you can say STOP!

Always be testing. What works for one product doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Yee Shun Jian says:

I’d recommend you have a source of continuous learning. That’s why…

And how long before you make your first $? Well it depends… depends on how much time, money, energy you devote to this… Is this just a hobby or do you really want this…

Read this:

And this:

And this:

I hope it inspires you