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What do you want to know about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online?

Yee Shun Jian

Hi, Shun-Jian here.

So, I started this internet marketing blog because a lot of people know about the success I’ve enjoyed online and have approached me to ask different questions on internet marketing and making money online.

Instead of answering them one by one, I thought it would be a good idea to collect your questions as comments on this blog entry and answer them (in days to come) on this blog so that more people can benefit at the same time.

Now what I need you to do is to help me help you.

Please tell me by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry:

What do you want to know about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online?

It would help tremendously if you can phrase your question(s) as specifically as possible because questions like “How do you make money online?“, for example, are too broad to be answered meaningfully.

So, what’re you waiting for?

This is a rare opportunity for you to ask me your most burning questions on internet marketing…

Seize it and fire away!

P.S. If you know anyone who’s struggling with internet marketing and can benefit from this, feel free to direct them here by sharing this blog post with them!

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Diana Drew says:

I don’t know if you remember my name from connecting with you on Facebook? I was wondering how I could incorporate internet marketing with my business of singing. I am a singing teacher and singer. I mostly teach singing because I am a mother and need to be home with my children. I work with one student at a time and it is very hard work for little pay. I have one class but am having a hard time filling it up with students. I would like to work online with the singing so that I could reach more people. Any suggestions would be so appreciated Shun Jian.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Diana, how can I forget? You left me such an amazing comment/testimonial that made me tear (in a good way) =P

Set up a facebook group for all your students. Make it an open group. Get them to invite their friends.

Post video clips of yourself singing or teaching singing. Upload them on youtube and link to them from the group as well as your blog.

Ask your existing students to give you testimonials. You can also video them and put it up on youtube and link from your facebook group as well as your blog.

Ask your existing students to help refer new clients to you to fill up your class. Give them a cut if you have to. Think abundance, not lack.

Hope these tips help you… Let me know how it goes =)

Jani says:

WOW! I am learning so much just on the reply to this blog post!

In response to your question.. “what do I want to know”- well I am totally “green”, never done anything like this before and so I don’t know what I don’t know. I also want to know everything I can so I can do the very best I can do. I want to find out what in this area is my natural strength and then maximize that area.

Thanks much, I am so happy to find you!

Yee Shun Jian says:

You’re very welcome Jani…

Have you read my “How I made S$138,255.80 in Passive Internet Income during the Last Recession” eBook yet? =)

harry says:

Hi Yee Shun,

I am very interested to know more about how you get more traffic without organic searches but via ppc, social media or other ways you know of. Do you mind to send me an email to my mailing address? I would like to have this coaching session from you as i am sick of google. Please tell me your rate too in the email. I am from singapore too =)

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Harry, my name is actually Shun Jian LOL… Yee is my surname =P

I’ll send you an email but I don’t mind posting the info here too…

About Yee Shun Jian,
Founder of Award-winning Personal Development Blog
and Passive Internet Income Success Coach @

Yee Shun Jian coaches people on how to generate real, passive income from the internet so they can achieve their lifestyle goals like him!


Shun Jian generated 6 figures in passive income from the internet and “retired” at the tender age of 27 ( )

For the past few years, he has been actively living his dreams… Traveling, partying and simply living the life he’s always wanted.

Along the way, Shun Jian discovered his life purpose, which is to touch as many lives as he can so he can bring more love, hope and joy to the world!

Shun Jian is now fulfilling his life purpose in 2 ways:

1) Through his award-winning personal development blog where he has touched more than a million lives since July 2007 ( )

Feel free to subscribe to Shun Jian’s FREE Personal Development Email Newsletter here and receive his “101 Powerful Affirmations” eBook absolutely FREE:

2) By coaching people to achieve ultimate freedom (time + financial + location freedom) through the use of internet marketing as a financial vehicle.

Shun Jian’s passion lies in helping and showing people how they can break free of the bondage and slavery of a JOB (Just Over Broke), especially one they hate, so they can do something they absolutely LOVE and escape from the rat race like him.

Here are some testimonials from some of his students:


“Previously, I thought it’s not easy to start internet marketing. Now thanks to Shun Jian, I finally managed to take the first step to jump into internet marketing world! Thank you so much, Shun Jian!” – Yumi Kitahama, Japan


“Want to stop paying and wasting thousands of your precious money in Internet marketing workshops? Shun Jian’s (training) is a hands on practical approach to starting your very own blogging business.

Unlike other workshops, you are setting your own blog site in real time which helps those like me who procrastinate. he will enlighten you with the technical aspects as well as provide tips on how to achieve your money making site.

His willingness to share what he has learnt from his top gurus and his success in achieving in this business is inspiring. Everyone who wants earn money from their blog site but is afraid to start or even ask, Shun Jian is the one to go for.” -Hsi May, Singapore


“Shun Jian, thank you very much for your guidance in setting up my blog and domain name. I’ve been wanting to do this for several months now but didn’t have a clue of how I can start this. Thank you.” – Normah Ahmad, Singapore


“Engaging and interesting. The hands-on approach is essential to get us to be acquainted with the technical aspects” – Lock Lee, Singapore


“Shun Jian’s (training) allows me to realize how amazing the power of internet marketing. He also shared with us his own experience and it’s a truly eye-opening for us. This is a no-frills (training) that you must attend” – Yully Chandra, Indonesia


“Having been there and done that, Shun Jian understands the problems a novice will face and address them during the (training). The practical and hands-on format of (his training) is definitely useful to get you started in internet marketing!” – Neo RuoYing, Singapore


Watch VIDEO Testimonials from Shun Jian’s students and coaching clients here:

And media coverage, if you’re into that sort of thing:

Shun Jian’s current coaching rate is $200/hour/person (He was told to charge higher by colleagues in the industry but he decided to strike a balance between how much his time is worth and how he can make his coaching services more affordable and available to normal, everyday folks. Bear in mind, Shun Jian personally invested over $20,000 in seminars, training and coaching when he first got started on his own internet marketing journey. His current coaching rate of $200/hr/pax is likely to increase in the future as he mentor and groom serious success seekers and produce more success stories)

Shun Jian is pretty selective about the clients he accept – He’s NOT about to take on clients who are going into this with a “get rich quick” mentality. If you would like to be considered for 1-1/small group coaching, feel free to contact Shun Jian by sending him a facebook private message at:

Or through the contact form here…

If you would like to ask him any questions before you engage him, or just want some basic internet marketing questions answered, you can do so by leaving a comment via the following blog post:

Currently, Shun Jian only accept clients based in Singapore. He may consider doing phone or video coaching via Skype in future if there’s enough demand.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in your very FIRST coaching session with Shun Jian (2 – 3 hours):

– What Internet Marketing (IM) is all about and how you can actually make REAL money online
– The tried and proven approach to IM that helps you get “unstuck” and forces you to take massive action towards achieving your IM, financial and lifestyle goals
– The 8-Step Passive Internet Income Success Model I personally use to generate 6 figures in passive internet income
– Why 95% of IM newbies fail and how to significantly reduce your chance of failure and increase your chance of success
– The mindset and traits of successful internet entrepreneurs
– Why discipline is overrated and what you REALLY need to succeed in IM
– The concept of ultimate freedom and why IM Is one of the few, if not only, financial vehicle that will help you achieve it
– A powerful NLP-based identify-level shift exercise that helps you blast through any limiting beliefs you may have about achieving the kind of success you desire
– Discover your passions/talents/interests and your WHY and how you can get paid doing what you love!

And much more…

Your first coaching session will focus mainly on mindset because mastering your mindset is what will help you get the breakthrough you desire in internet marketing. Subsequent coaching sessions will be customized according to your level of internet marketing knowledge and expertise and/or the specific areas in the 8-Step Passive Internet Income Success Model you would like to focus on.

If you’re serious about pursuing internet marketing as a means to generate part-time/full-time passive income, get in touch with Shun Jian today via:


Alden says:


Okay as you have read on my blog, I am a douchebag who writes about personal development. So that’s a niche.

But I have added in random funny shit and from the way I write, I definitely do not appeal to the typical personal development crowd, although I am like super deep and awesome and hence I am working towards the pro-douchebag audience.

From the start it’s been my aim to do some affiliate marketing and sell others’ shit. So two questions:

1) I initially wanted to ask if I could sell a wide variety of products spreading across several niches, but I see that you are already doing that on Richgrad.

So is this THE way to go? Did you test them out first or just slap them all over?

2) Can you recommend a product that is totally suits my style? You know, funny/shitty/vulgar/profane/deep and just plain douchey?

Yee Shun Jian says:

1) It’s all about testing. I spent 5 figures on google adwords to test if products convert. I also make sure I review the products myself to ensure they are of high quality and valuable to my subscribers. I didn’t build a 5 figure list in the personal development niche by promoting crap.

2) LOL… you need to do your own market/product research bro… I believe there’s no spoon-feeding in douchebag university, is there? =P

Alex says:

I would want to find out more how do i get started? do I need alot of money? I would also want to attend what you conduct your 1st IM workshop for newbies like me. Thank you

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Alex, I already answered your questions via facebook chat.

When you’re ready for your first paid coaching session, you know how to get a hold of me.


Alex says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I guess its my limiting beliefs, if IM and blogging will bring much passive income, y arent everyone doing it? I guess it is the don’t know how to or the failing rate of blogging. For me, I am the don’t know how to start.

Wilson says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I have just started IM for two months and I am currently an affiliate for chrisfarrellmembership site only and i have just made one sales a few days ago by using free traffic techique.But from what i seen from your blog,u seemed to emphasize on investing money in PPC or other paid traffics generation.So should i invest money on paid traffics first or should i wait till my list is getting more and more?

I have read articles,ebooks and videos and they don’t really encourage newbies to spend so much money on those things like softwares,traffic generate,SEO,etc as we have not generate passive income yet.

Yee Shun Jian says:

I achieved my breakthrough when I started investing in adwords… I took $50… invested it and got back $100… I pumped the $100 back into ads and the rest is history…

I don’t think you can achieve passive income if you go the FREE route… but if you do, let me know! I’m always happy to learn something new =D

Wilson says:

But for now,should i invest in adwords?

Yee Shun Jian says:

If you have the budget for it, why not?

You already got one sale… you can use the money generated to test out paid advertising…

Otherwise you can continue to do whatever you are doing that got you the first sale. Up to you =)

Leon says:

Thanks for yr tips shun Jian. If google slaps me, is there a way to start a new adword account using someone else name and do not get noticed.

By the way. Jenhuei, to get approved by cj. They also want unique content from your site. Keep it with at least 10 posts and 500 words each. Do not appear like a review site. And try yr best not to sell anything there at all or even with redirect. Focus on a theme like game then apply to cj. You can try to apply to groupon first (it is cj). Then it will be easier for you to get accepted to other cj network. After u have got in then start monetize it, not before. Many of my friends have no problem getting in this manner.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Make sure you’re using a different IP, different physical address, different email, different name, different phone number/contact details, different credit card and never log in to a banned account using the same ip you’re using for the new account =)

Jenhuei says:

Hey Shun-Jian,

Understand that you promote quite a lot of CJ products, I do have a CJ account but many advertisers rejected my application to join their Affiliate Program instantly after I clicked on Apply, etc:
Your application has been declined by this advertiser for one or more reasons. If you have a question please contact the advertiser through advertisers detail page within the account manager.
Do you face the same problem? Is it because I am new to CJ and have not made any commission yet or what? Any idea? Thanks.

David Tong says:

I faced the same problem, as well as Google Affiliate network… Kinda hard to get approved when they want to see your site first…

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hey Jenhuei… It’s common… I assume you’re from Singapore too… Besides the fact that you have no track record yet, a lot of advertisers choose affiliates based on their country of origin… favoring affiliates from US etc. as opposed to asian countries like Singapore.

What you can do is try to write in to the affiliate manager(s) of the program(s) you’re trying to apply to. At least you’re taking a positive step towards solving that problem =)

leon says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I have two questions for you. I hope you may help me. For ppc right, do you use pop up domination or you don’t.

Secondly, do you use any affiliate links for landing page?


Yee Shun Jian says:

Leon (Mingji??), I use pop up domination on blog pages, not on a squeeze page.

I don’t use affiliate links on a landing page (squeeze page). Your objective is to get the opt-in, not to try and go for a sale.

leon says:

Hi ShunJian,

I have some questions for you about ppc, i hope you may help me with that. I understand that ppc do converts but nowadays google punish affiliate sites quite badly and infact i got account suspended because they said i have an inappropriate landing page. What do you do in your case?

Do you use keywordspy, ppc bully or any other similar services or just purely google keyword tool for your keyword research in PPC?

Secondly, i realise that you have about 3000 backlinks from yahoo and so do you still practice seo or still using PPC?

Thirdly, for your blog, whenever you write a content, are you concern about your choice of keywords or just write what is in your mind then use ppc to send traffic.If using seo, then how does people come and look for you if (i mean if) your blog do not focus on keyword research?

Do you use content network or just google search engine ppc?

I am sorry to ask you so many questions but i am actually requesting my site to be re-reviewed by google. But i am going to do a mass redesign before i am going to do that. As the next time if i failed it, they are going to ban my account permanently.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hey Leon, thanks for your questions.

1) For an example of a good squeeze page, check this out…

Free Personal Development Newsletter

I get a >76% opt-in rate on that squeeze page and google seems to love it =)

2) I do both SEO and PPC

3) No I don’t use fancy keyword tools… the google keyword tool is good enough

4) I write for readers FIRST… robots SECOND… No point having a lovely site on the search engine with a high bounce rate because it’s not user friendly. Wanna know the keywords people are using to get to my blog? Look at one of the apps on my sidebar ( at )

5) I wouldn’t recommend you touch the content network unless you’re an advance PPC marketer. You can lose a lot of money really FAST.

6) Model my squeeze page. You should be fine… Worse case scenario, get another adwords account using your spouse/partner’s name =P

leon says:

Hi Shun Jian,

Thanks for your honest reply. =)

I am curious. How do you do seo on blogs as it seems to me that there are so many posts on one single page? Would that difficult for the robot to detect your content.

Secondly, is there any advice you can give to do ppc for affiliate site as it seems to me that google are going hard with affiliate marketers like us.

Yee Shun Jian says:

1) You do it on the individual blog posts. Make sure you have your keywords in the title of the blog post and scattered within the content of the blog post (guideline – at least 3 times for a 500 word article)

2) Model the squeeze page I’ve shown you and you will be fine. Make sure there’s a link going out to a privacy policy – This is very important!

leon says:

Great tips. I will keep you updated. I am doing a major change to my website. =)

David Tong says:

It’s great to have a more ‘local’ expert to approach.. 🙂

I have a question about conversions, particularly for Amazon. One of my photography blogs get approximately 800-1200 visitors a day and I get quite a bit of clicks on my contextual and graphical amazon links from relevant posts (specifically, in gear reviews). However, my conversion rate is terrible, I’ve made less than 10 sales of relatively high ticket items (300-800$ range) the past couple of years and I really prefer to move away from Adsense eventually on that particular site and concentrate on affiliate products instead.

For example, there’s a specific post that provides one of my highest daily traffic, as well as amazon clicks, but I’ve only had 3 conversions from this page the past 2 years. I’m pretty much on top of Google when you search for this product (and it’s older variant as well).

For July alone (25 days in, not a full month), Amazon tells me I’ve already had close to 500 clicks, but zero conversion.

Can you help me analyze my problem?

Thanks and more power!

Dave T

Yee Shun Jian says:

How much are you making from adsense/day? More than amazon?

The downside of trying to make money purely from amazon is that the affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours and the commission rate isn’t fantastic (4 – 10%). The upside is that if the customer buys anything at all within the 24 hours of clicking through from your affiliate link (even if it’s not the original item they looked at), you get paid for all those items.

Bearing that in mind, you need to make sure you are intercepting customers at the POINT OF PURCHASE.

From your conversion rate, it suggests that the people clicking through to your link from the search engines are only in the research phase. They are probably looking at dozens of reviews… and since your review comes out as a top result in google… it’s probably one of the first (of the dozens of) reviews they read… which means you may successfully get them to the amazon page but they might only be persuaded by the 12th review (for example) and buy through that link. A little counter-intuitive I know… Since you would expect being number 1 on the search engine results to be a good thing… and in this case it’s not… (This also means you need to assess the quality of your review again… Are you just giving them INFO for their research or are you PERSUADING them to BUY NOW?)

Try to change your title to target people who are ready to buy…

For eg… Buying XYZ gadget? Read this first!

In this way, you are intercepting the customer just before the sale and your conversion rate will surely rise especially if you’ve done a good review.

Another thing to do is to add a buy now button like on this page…

How to influence anyone to do anything

In this way, you are actively telling them to BUY NOW instead of continuing to read other reviews…

Another thing you might do is tie up with the manufacturers/retailers directly and have them “sponsor” your posts so that even if you don’t convert, you still make money. This can be touchy though because prospects may question the integrity of the review.

Hope I’ve given you some ideas to run with… Let me know how it goes after making some of the changes I suggested.

David Tong says:

Hi, thanks a lot for replying.

1) Previously (09-10) Adsense averages to about a buck a day, monthly earnings hover around $30. Right now (2011) it hovers about $2 a day or between 40-50 a month.

2) Amazon earnings only amounted to $80 TOTAL the past year. It seems like a hit-or-miss thing for me. I only got ‘lucky’ when three orders of above $300 came in early this year.

3) That’s a great point about not deciding to buy until they reach the 12th review, I never thought of that even though that’s what I do as well… The first review sites I read almost never made me decide to buy something…

4) For my reviews, you’re correct about that. My site’s primarily a review and free info site, none of my articles are meant to make people buy. I started a simple 25-book recommendation the other month just to try if they’ll buy from my recommendations (Amazon links). Same thing, tons of clicks but no conversions.

5) Thanks a million for the title suggestion, I’ll implement that on my next 3 camera reviews.

6) I’ve been toying with the idea of approaching distributors/sponsors, but I feel that my traffic isn’t high enough to convince them, but I just need to try and see how it goes. It’ll surely bring in a steady stream of ad income (no matter the amount) instead of relying purely on reader’s intent especially when my site’s not a ‘convince you to buy’ site.

I’ll surely take your tips and write my new articles in a way to persuade people to purchase (if the product warrants a ‘buy’ recommendation, of course). I’ll re-write some old ones as well to at least give them a ‘chance’ to convert.

Lastly, I’ve created my first micro-niche site (Amazon based) 2 weeks ago, and surprisingly, I’ve made 3 sales through that already. The main difference on that site is I explicitly made the landing/home page a ‘buy these recommended products’ instead of an info site. The info/blog articles are nested under the landing page.

3 sales over 2 weeks, not really that good LOL. I’m only getting 10-30 visits a day so far at #8 in Google.

I’m thinking of mixing some low-price Amazon niche sites to add-up the monthly order totals and use just one ‘higher-priced’ Amazon niche site to bump my total sale amount.

I’m still trying to figure out how all these affiliate stuff work right now.

Again, thanks a million for your recommendations and tips.

Dave T

Yee Shun Jian says:

Dave, 3 sale in 2 weeks IS a good start…

I didn’t get to $10k/month overnight =)

David Tong says:

Just to update you,

That new niche site I created (30 days old) has already made 11 sales to date. 🙂

My photography blog, though I haven’t implemented the “read this first” approach but I’ve rewrote certain high-traffic reviews to make it more ‘persuasive’ and implementing better Amazon contextual ad placement and my CTR and sales increased quite a bit as well…

I had 19 purchases between July 1-present so far compared to just 27 between 2007-2011 June!

Thanks again!


Yee Shun Jian says:

Welcome… maybe now you can save up enough money to attend my seminars =)

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hey everyone, Hostgator is having a 40% off Super Sale today… (4th of July 2011)!

Go take advantage of that offer while it lasts (offer valid until 11.59pm CST, 4th July 2011)

Get your 40% off Hostgator web hosting plan now

Sharon says:

Hi Shun Jian

Thank you for your response.

As I quitted without a job, learning and trying out online affiliate marketing, what should I typically fill in for W-8BEN form as a Singaporean ?

Business Type : Individual/Sole Proprietor, Corporation, LLC/LLP, Non-Profit/Government, Partners, Others <– What should I fill for Business Type?

Exempt from back-up withholding : <– Should I check this box?

US Tax Identification Number, if required
(SSN: ###-##-#### or EIN: ##-#######) : <– What should I do?

Foreign Tax Identification Number, if any
(This is not the VAT field) : <– What should I do?



Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Sharon, I thought I replied to this earlier but apparently I didnt… In case you still need it… =P

Business Type: Individual
The other fields just ignore…
You can fill up the foreign tax identification number with you NRIC num

For “Capacity in which acting”, put down “Individual”

Hope that helps =)

Sharon says:

Hi Shun Jian

I would like to sign up as a “Commission Junction affiliate” or “Commission Junction Publisher” but I do not know which Tax Information Form I should fill as a Singaporean :

* Certification Of No United States Activities
* W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie & Sharon

Yee Shun Jian says:

H Stephanie & Sharon,

You would have to fill up the W-8BEN form

Kat says:


Got to know about your story thro Adam Khoo’s WA. It is truly aspiring. I am keen to MAKE it work for internet marketing as i am a trailing spouse and this is the best fit for me. A couple of questions:

(1) What is the different between domain mapping and using web hosting? I mean would domain mapping on wordpress would be equally professional since i would be able to use the domain name i buy?

(2) Other from affiliate marketing, is there other ways to make money online? We will be based in Iraq for a year and I would like to know if i can leverage on this special situation.

Thanks for “listening”.


Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Kat, by right, blogs hosted by wordpress do not allow affiliate links. So if they find that your blog contain advertisements and/or affiliate links and are not for “personal use” only… they can remove the blog at any time. So all your efforts go to waste and you can’t do anything about it because it’s already clearly stated in their terms and conditions.

In my opinion, if you are serious about starting an online business, having your own web hosting is vital. It is inexpensive, you can host multiple domains on the same web host (choose the plan that allows you to do that) and you will be taken more seriously.

For your other question, there are tons of ways to make money online. Just to name a few… adsense, paid blogging, private ads, copywriting etc. Do some research on Iraq and see what people need, want and buy over there. Bear in mind though, just because you are based in Iraq doesn’t mean your online business should be catered to people in that country.

The good thing about internet marketing is… you can be based anywhere and target customers based half way round the globe… =)

Good luck!

Kat says:

Your reply has cleared my doubts..thanks so much!

Yee Shun Jian says:

BTW, if you need a coupon code for hostgator, use salesoffer

That gets you your first month of hosting for only 1 cent…

Michael says:


What are your most-recommended WordPress plugins for your Sites?

Yee Shun Jian says:

I’ll write an article on that =)

Christopher says:

hy Shun-Jian,

I was wondering; did u started selling other peoples products and getting affiliate commissions or did u started with your own product right away



Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Christopher, good question…

I started off with affiliate marketing. And this would be the path I recommend internet marketing newbies to start off too.

With affiliate marketing, you can start off without a product of your own. You’re leveraging off the efforts of the product creator who spent quite a bit of time and money into bringing the product to market.

You don’t have to worry about customer support, refunds, logistics/delivery, payment issues because the product creator/merchant/vendor is supposed to handle all these.

All you have to be concerned with is driving high quality targeted traffic to the offers so you can maximize your conversions!

So if you were to ask me, I’d recommend you to start off with affiliate marketing instead of product creation. If you haven’t learned how to sell other people’s products (which is a skill), how can you be confident of selling your own?

Daryl says:

You can open the eBook directly by clicking on the link itself (instead of ‘saving target as’) and then navigate to the top left hand corner where there is a save button, during which you can save it directly to your hard drive as a .pdf file.

Btw I have a question to ask… I saw this line in a free eBook I downloaded :

(About PPC)

“After you have it setup, you only need about $10-15 in funds to start with the
PPC engines and then everything after that is virtually free. Free subscribers
after the initial $10-15 forever!!!”

I don’t really understand the statement. Is PPC a one-time payment and ‘free traffic forever after’?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Ok you have to check with the author of that eBook as to what he means ya?

Google adwords charges $5 to open an account. And you need to fund the account with at least $10 (excluding the $5 charge)… so the $15 part is correct. As to what the author means by “free subscribers forever” after that initial deposit… like I said, check with him directly.

You should find his email address somewhere in the ebook, the sales page/thank you page or just reply to him at the email address which he sent you the ebook.

P.S. I already spent more than $30,000 on adwords already…

Daryl says:

Wow! Never thought it was so much… O.O

I think I got what the author means. He is referring to future AdWords investment as ‘free’ because the first ROI (from affiliate commissions) covers the e.g. $15 PPC expense already.

That is worth noting for me, because I never realised how much PPC can bring me. I’ll be into PPC soon…

Yee Shun Jian says:

That is assuming you can get a positive ROI with your first $10 (remember $5 of the $15 goes to google for opening the adwords account)… which is UNLIKELY! (though not impossible)

I started with US$50 and made a positive ROI… reinvested it and kept reinvesting it and that’s why I hit 6 figures…

Remember though that you may not get a positive ROI with your initial investment… It requires testing so if you want to get into PPC, be prepared to set aside a sum of money you can “lose”.

Daryl says:

Okay… good tips 🙂

Btw do you reckon if services like ‘driving 10,000 traffic to your site’ for $5 is worth it? They are untargeted traffic which is the bad part.

There are many of these services people offer on Fiverr.

Are this worth the $5 for untargeted traffic?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Let’s put it this way… would you charge only $5 if you’re offering this service and it’s really THAT good? (You might if you wanted to build a list and are trying to over-deliver but as far as I can tell from the links you sent me – which I removed – it’s clearly not the case…)

I’ll stay away from untargeted traffic if I were you… complete waste of money.

P.S. You should have read the reviews on those pages before you contacted me. I just scanned through them and already there are comments there from buyers saying they did not get any responses (which basically answers the question you asked… if you’d bothered to read). My time is precious. Please choose your questions carefully! (Yes, it’s obvious I’m a little ticked off… Please respect my time… Thanks!)

Daryl says:

Thanks for the encouragement =)

Yes, I definitely have attracted things with the Law of Attraction. In fact, so many I can’t count. And even once, I attracted the ‘Law of Attraction’ with the ‘Law of Attraction’… Haha. An as you know, its always at work, right? How can somebody not attract something with it. 🙂

For convenience’s sake I’ll post the direct link up here, and also whoever stumbles on this blog can get it for free.

If you’re okay with it, you can write a short review on it and I can use it as a proven testimonial. Thanks!

Daryl says:

By the way, no opt-in is required also so don’t worry.

Yee Shun Jian says:

You should save the file as a pdf file… when I downloaded it, there’s no extension. So my laptop was asking me which program I want to open it with…

Daryl says:

Hi again Shun Jian,

Seems like the comment replies are more organised now. Sweet 🙂

I have finally created my own product, its an eBook on the Law of Attraction. I am thinking of pricing it at only $7.

But now I need to know how to market it… I don’t wish to do the old school method – doing up a whole sales page with a BS filled sales letter on it and then tirelessly drive traffic to it.

I’m sure there’re other ways, like I have just submitted it to ClickBank for approval. Do you know any?

And I was wondering, since you’re in the Personal Development niche as well (and have very well succeeded on top of that), if you could help market my eBook? I’m not expecting it for free of course. Maybe you could quote me a price for a solo ad on and see if I can afford it, or alternatively you can be my affiliate. (Well…)

If you’d like to see my eBook, I’ll gladly send a review copy to you.


Yee Shun Jian says:

Daryl, WRT the comments… remember what I said… Do first… then fine tune later! =)

You can send me the eBook but no guarantees on anything… I’ll be interested to read it just to know what you have got to say about the topic… Remember what I told you about going in through the “student of the topic” approach instead of trying to be the expert. If you have not manifested anything using the law of attraction yet, please don’t say that you have… that’s not the way ya?

If you try to sell a $7 product on clickbank it’s not going to do well… You want to know a sure-fire way to promote your product? Give it away for free… I could sell “101 powerful affirmations” easily for $47 but I chose to give it away to build my list. You can take that approach if you want.

As for the sneaky JV approach (haha), know that I’m bombarded with offers to promote different products every single day and I can’t promote every single product out there… Only those I think is of a high quality for my list.

In any case, give yourself a pat on the back… you deserve it because you actually took action! And that’s the most important part… I can give you tons of advice but if you don’t act on them, nothing’s going to happen! Just take at least one tiny action a day towards your goal and in one month you would have been 30 steps closer to your goals…

Good luck and update me on your progress! =)

Alan says:

Hi Shun Jian. At first I thought your blog was an empty ploy, using keywords to gather customers etc. However I stayed, and have found some nuggets in your information. I can understand the position Daryl’s in – Lack of Funds! I have just started a new blog, started for, but not exclusive to Over 50’s who cannot get new jobs in this bleak economic climate, and there’s a website under construction too. Rather than just try to push products, both are concentrating on the ‘physical’ side of starting up (even advising a pad and paper! LOL). I have had comments previously, all saying the same things: “Information Overload, Confusion, Where To Start, How Do I . . .?, What Is A … ? How much Will It Cost?, Does It Work?, etc., and I will be trying to help people get there house in order, while they take their first steps. There will be: Do’s, Don’t’s and Do Later’s, plus tips to avoid wasting money. All info and services from the blog are, and will remain free, so I want people to be able to trust me, and my word. Although it’s totally new, you’re welcome to take a look. Suggestions welcome. My other blog concentrates on a similar topic for Mac Users, which does bring it’s own difficulties.
Although one of the quickest ways to make money is PPC or Adsense, it is also one of the most expensive ways to get results, and also lose money in the process. If budgets are limited, other ways must be found. What the ‘gurus’ don’t explain is that alternative methods are usually slower! Unless you know differently?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Alan, first of all, I see that you’re experiencing some problems with blogger/blogspot. What I would suggest is to install your own wordpress blog on your own domain. I talked about that in my previous comments above so you might want to check it out.

As to your main concern, I did mention before as well… There’s no such thing as truly “free”. You either use your time (to do seo or manual marketing… Commenting on forums/blogs etc to drive traffic back to your own blogs) or you use your money (investing in ppc/adwords advertising). “Free” methods of driving traffic (Aka using your time) are usually very slow as you correctly pointed out. I only achieved my breakthrough when I invested in ppc with only US$50 (as you can see, you don’t have to put your whole life savings into adwords!). What I did was to reinvest my earnings back to ppc and this allowed me to generate over US$100,000… I believe it’s not that you don’t have the budget for ppc… It’s that you haven’t realized how powerful a leverage ppc is!

Aubrey Harris says:

It takes lot of work to get started to have a business online. I have been doing some free advertising. I am getting some trickling results. I am on page 2 on Google so far and i was on page 150 about a week ago. I just keep plugging at it.

Daryl says:

Hi its me again.

Currently I am in a dilemma on what niche I should go into… I had always thought this was the easiest step in IM but I am proven wrong by myself. I have always been deciding on the IM niche itself, but decided not to because : 1. I have not even made a single cent online, what rights do I have to teach people how to? 2. It is extremely competitive. 3. It is way too general. In IM there’re hundreds of sub-niches such as traffic-driving, list-building, website-making etc.

I’m not even sure if these reasons are valid or not. Should I get into the IM niche? It is something I am quite familiar with compared to almost any other thing. On top of that, I like it.

An alternative would be NLP/Success/Attraction. Just like I have a strong interest in all that. However the problem is, I’m not fully confident. I have no NLP certification even though I know a fair bit about it and I’m afraid its not enough. I am indeed success-oriented myself and I would like to help people and I already do, but the topic is then again too vague. Success consists of a truckload of information. I’m sure you know what I mean.

As a 15 year-old, choosing a niche is something tough IMO. After living only 15 years of life… Only the above two mentioned niches are possible for me. I have no other interest besides those two (I do, but they are : Business and Physics. In which I have no idea what kind of market I can enter with these keywords)

Your advice has been great so far and I’d like to know your take on this… Thanks

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Daryl, okay… if you’re asking me whether you should go into the IM niche or the Personal Development niche… I would vote for the latter.

Like you said, you’ve not made a single cent from Internet Marketing yet… How can you show people how to make money from the internet?

For me personally, if you noticed… I started out in the Personal Development niche… I read up so much about Internet Marketing (so as to grow my personal development blog) in the initial days and yes, I did think of going into the IM niche before also… but I decided against it for the same reasons you spoke of… I told myself at that time… One day, I will go into the IM niche… when I become successful in Internet Marketing… but not at that time when I was still struggling to make it… else everything that I teach would be just theory I read from books!

Truth be told, even when I became successful in Internet Marketing, I was hesitant in entering this niche… That’s why as you can see… I started this internet marketing blog almost one year ago and only started becoming more active here NOW. One reason is because of the “bad publicity” surrounding people in the niche… This is caused by scammers and people who are trying to teach others to make money when they themselves have not made any!

However, I was encouraged by many people around me who know that I’m the real thing… who literally begged me to come out and teach this stuff… I’m sure you realized this – I did not start out by teaching others how to make money on the internet… I actually made money on the internet FIRST… lots of it… and then decided maybe, just maybe, I should come out and help others who are trying to figure this stuff out. There’s a freaking big difference!

Anyway, the good thing is… you can model my success. When I started in the personal development niche, I didn’t brand myself as an expert or a guru. I actually told everyone… Hey I’m just a normal guy who’s passionate about self-growth… I invested about $20,000 of money I didn’t yet have (credit card loans – yes it was really risky but I was at a point where I needed massive change and I took a big gamble that thankfully paid off) on self-help and internet marketing seminars and I just freely shared what I learned in those self-help seminars with people on my personal development blog. And I used what I learned in internet marketing seminars and through books on that subject to market my blog…

Whenever I went for a personal development seminar, I will network with people there and tell them about (offline marketing – be flexible!!!) because I know they are part of the audience I want to attract. Anyway I already paid thousand’s of dollars on those seminars… why not make some friends from there and bring in some readers to my blog? (Entrepreneurship and marketing mindset – seizing opportunities)

You can start off that way too… be humble… Let everyone know you don’t know everything but you’re willing to learn… and you’re willing to share what you learn… people will respond to you kindly… but remember… no matter what, you’ll always have critics… those are the people who are jealous of your (potential) success… those are the people who try to discourage you and hold you back so you’ll be at the same level as them… In life, it’s like that… But having critics is actually a good thing… If you read the very first blog post on my personal development blog, you’ll realize there are people who actually left nasty comments!! But hey, at least there are people who care enough to give a damn about what I do! Haha… and I know there will always be people coming to my defense anyway…

As long as you are doing good… and you’re providing true value… you don’t have to worry about the critics… the internet has a magical self-correcting mechanism in place… you can’t make everyone love you but you can’t make everyone hate you as well… As long as you have an opinion and are not afraid to voice it out, you will have people who will agree with you and you have people who will disagree with you and you will have people who don’t give a damn either way. Like I always said… Focus on your goals… Not your obstacles!

Watch this video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about:

How you can begin to attract more opportunities into your life!

And sign up for my personal development newsletter if you haven’t already done so… It’s free and you get 101 powerful affirmations as well!

I know you’re a 15 year old kid and you’re probably not going to buy anything I promote (because you may not have the financial ability to do so yet) but it’s all right… I have subscribers who have never bought a single thing before… At the same time, I have subscribers who buy every single product I promote. I’m not in it just for the money… because if I were, I would have given up long ago (remember I didn’t make any money for the first 7 months of my internet marketing journey!)…. I want to help as many people as I can… In fact, a part of the reason why I started my personal development blog is because I want to touch as many lives as I can and I know that the internet makes this possible…

And that’s one more lesson I can pass on to you… Don’t do it just for the money… Do it because you genuinely want to help people (in whichever niche you choose)… The money will come as a natural consequence =)

Danny says:

I’m totally new to IM. Shun Jian, would you mind to tell me the steps to become so successful like you?
You said you took “massive action” in your blog post “How I made S$103,789.85 in revenue from Affiliate Marketing in 2009” but it’s very vague. I don’t understand what do you meant by “massive action”, so would you mind to tell everyone what to do, steps by steps in order to be like you?
Thank you so much if you willing to share the steps so I can implement, modify it and earn massive income too.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Danny, I’m glad you already read How I made S$103,789.85 in revenue from Affiliate Marketing in 2009. You know what I want you to do? I want you to re-read it again and then TAKE ACTION based on the blueprint (This is the most important part – TAKING ACTION). Remember what I said… Ready, FIRE, aim… take action first then refine along the way.

What do I mean by massive action? I mean reading over 200 ebooks/books on internet marketing, copywriting, traffic generation, list building, blogging etc and IMPLEMENTING (***key step***) what they suggest (no matter how stupid the idea/s appear to you). You never know if something works until you test it out! I’m serious… Reading and analyzing it over and over in your mind doesn’t count as implementing… you need to just DO IT before you realize how well those particular techniques/tactics work in your own niche/the product you’re trying to promote.

What I mean by taking massive action is working hard on your goal(s) without being swayed by distractions… You see all the partying and traveling pics on my facebook and you may think to yourself… “Hey that guy is really enjoying himself… he makes internet marketing seem effortless!” Well let me tell you something… this is the RESULT of working hard initially to build up the system and passive income…

My point is… when you’re starting out, you got to work harder than you ever did in any job! The payoff will come… if you’re willing to put in all the hard work first… and it’s not going to be easy… there will be people telling you to go “get a real job”… there will be people laughing at you… “What? You trying to make money off the internet??? You really think it’s possible? Hahahaha…” there will be people who will scoff at you when you tell them you’re an internet marketer (because of the misconceptions they have about IM) and they will start asking you how much you earn etc.

I’ve been through that phase. I’ve had family members telling me to GIVE UP… My mom would come into my room everyday and scold me for “playing computer games” (when I was actually working on making a full-time income from the internet). She would threaten to disown me if I “continue on a self-destructive path” of not working (for others)… And I don’t blame her at all… In fact, I thank her for that… I used her nagging as FIRE to make internet marketing work for me. I understood that she was still influenced by the traditional mindset of “study hard, get a good job, work hard and the money will come” and I was already in a different mindset all together (1. My success is my own responsibility… 100% 2. I work hard towards my goals no matter the obstacles that may come my way 3. No one can put a limit on my income potential/capability except myself… and I’m not going back to a “normal JOB” where someone could limit how much I earn!)

So in essence, massive action means moving forward even if everyone and everything else is trying to hold you back. Massive action means you focus on your goals instead of your obstacles. Massive action means you implement what you read instead of justifying why it won’t work. Massive action means… Ready, Fire, (a)IM… You do first, then you refine… then you do again… and you refine…

To Massive Action!!!

P.S. By the way, in case you haven’t already realized, my domain name was derived from the “Ready, Fire, Aim” concept… I decided to drop the A in Aim to make it “Ready, Fire, IM” (IM standing for Internet Marketing) =P

Daryl says:

Haha, well, the problem is that I’m a really loner guy and I don’t have much friends. Even most of the people I know in school are lifeless people (I assume) and/or tech-lousy. Let alone good design… Anyway recently there’s a cheap promotional student price for Adobe CS5 at only S$119. Do you think it will be helpful?

To Dense,
Sure, I’ll contact you soon. Look forward to working with you.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Daryl… that’s dirt cheap!!! You better grab it fast… it’s definitely a great investment… haha how I wish I were a student again… If I started IM at your age, I should be a billionaire by now (think facebook founders)

Dense says:

To Daryl,
I see we have the same passion in IM.
You want to take the path of article marketing huh. If you’re a newbie, then perhaps you can email me. I’ve something sweet for you to boost your article marketing. Nothing special, just the basic thing which can be very important if you do not have experience before this.

Besides, I can tell you the way to get your eCover done for a fair price. My method is as cheap as the one suggested by Shun Jian: treat a meal, but it is done more professionally.

If you’re interested then email me k.

Daryl says:

Hi Shun Jian, its me again, and I want to thank you for your great advice earlier! I understand that PPC is profitable and the ROI generated from investing in it is great, but you see… I am only 15 years old, if you should know. I have no credit card and all I purchase online I have to get consent from my parents. And being parents, they are really skeptical people. I already had a hard time convincing them to allow me to get the domain and web host, and to tell them about PPC… They’ll immediately go ‘wah lao this is a scam is it? how come need so much money?’ And I won’t be surprised if they ban me totally from IM (they think I’m playing games when I use the PC for long hours).

However, I really have a passion in IM and I am serious about achieving success in it.

Thus I still want (or rather I need) to make use of free traffic generation techniques. So far I have identified two of the most plausible ways : Article marketing and video marketing.

I will see how it goes with these two techniques and I’ll share with you later what comes out of it.

Also, I would like to know how I can get an eCover for a report/ebook designed for free (Yes unfortunately, free). Would it be easy to design one with e.g Adobe Photoshop easily?

Thanks once again!

(P.S I have added you in facebook already but I can’t seem to talk to you on chat, you’re unresponsive. Hope I’ll be able to talk to you soon)

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Daryl, my comp (and sometimes fb if I forget to close the firefox tab) is on 24/7… Most of the time, I might be afk doing other things. So if you don’t get a response it’s normal hahaha… you’ll have better luck here… because I can respond when I’m free =)

Since you’re a student, I’m sure you know other students who you can barter with right? Find a peer who’s good at photoshop and either promise to treat him/her lunch for helping you to design the ebook cover or help him/her with something that you’re good at (and they need help with)… HOPEFULLY IT’S NOT THEIR HOMEWORK! haha…

Dense says:

Hi, may I know how you usually approach your targeted buyers?
You choose a product, build a blog, create auto responder, then drive massive traffic to the blog? Is it like that?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Dense, I actually decide on the niche first, rather than a particular product.

Reason being… what if something happens to the product? Eg. the merchant decides not to offer the product for sale anymore or decides to go direct (not offering it through a channel where affiliates can make commissions off it anymore)

Like I always said, it’s best if you find a niche you’re interested and passionate about… buy your domain name/s (either using your own name or keywords related to your topic or using a name where you can build up a brand), get a reliable web host, build a blog up on the topic filled with valuable content, set up your autoresponder + squeeze page and build a mailing list (by driving massive traffic to your blog and squeeze page), keep mailing your readers/subscribers content they’d love, build up your credibility and trust, find products that would fit your list and make recommendations to them why those products would help them… rinse and repeat

If you do it well enough, you don’t even have to worry about looking for great products to promote to your list because product owners will start emailing you regarding joint ventures and you can pick and choose the products that will appeal most to your list.

Of course, you need to take into consideration the profit potential of a niche first by looking at the number of different products in the particular niche and the demand (how many people are searching for information related to the niche etc). If you jump into a niche that has little potential of returning a positive ROI or no visible products to promote, then no amount of hard work will help!

Daryl says:

Hi Shun Jian,

I really admire you internet marketing success especially your blog.

For myself, I have managed so far to set up my own website (purchased a domain and web host) and simply got it to redirect to one of my affiliate URL links (Is it too simple? Or what else should I do with the domain? A blog?). I have also set up a landing page to build my list (in a subdirectory). The problem lies with traffic driving… I have almost no idea (even with all the resources and help I can find on the internet) on how to drive good, targeted traffic to my site. So far, all I have done is written a few articles on . And for some reason, they seem to be getting ultra low views (10>), which I believe is because I chose an extremely competitive niche. I also do not wish to spend money on PPC and ads first.

I have just started and I’d like advice from you.

You can contact me at , and I’d like to hear from you.


Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Daryl, thanks… it took a lot of hard work to build up my blog to where it is today =P

If you’re asking me whether having a domain that redirects to an affiliate link is enough, I would have to say no. I mean, I do have domains like that… but I have other domains “doing the work” supporting those “affiliated” domains.

First thing I would suggest is that you mask the domain instead of redirect. You just have to go to your domain registrar or your web host to do it (there’s an option to mask). Masking the domain works better than redirects because your prospects won’t be suspicious about where they are being led… imagine if I typed in and suddenly I find myself at, I’ll be thinking to myself hey what the hell happened? (haha I added that for dramatic effect but you know what I mean)

Second thing I would suggest is you start a blog that supports this “affiliated” domain. That’s one of the ways you can drive quality traffic to your affiliate link/domain.

Third thing is I want to open your eyes to the fact that there’s no free lunch in the world – Do you know I only started experiencing success when I experimented with PPC? You may think that you don’t want to really spend money on making money… you want to use “free” methods. But is there really such a thing as “free”?

At the end of the day, we are either using TIME or MONEY to make money… Using time to make money doesn’t give us leverage and it’s just like working in a job… the real leverage comes from using MONEY to make MONEY… If you take a look at my facebook pictures, you would realize that I’m partying and traveling around the world almost ALL THE TIME. And the reason I can do that is because I’m leveraging on adwords / PPC, leveraging on autoresponders, leveraging on a system that I took time to build up ( which I explained in my article on how I made a 6 figure income online ) which now runs by itself and generates me passive income every month.

Am I saying that ezinearticles doesn’t work? No of course not… many people are experiencing tremendous success with traffic from ezinearticles! The only thing you might not know is… they don’t write just one or two articles…. they write 100’s and even 1000’s of articles which brings in a few visitors a day… Obviously when the number of visitors to your affiliate links increase, that also increases the likelihood of a sale (assuming that the product you’re promoting is good and has a reasonable to high conversion rate)

So what I am saying is you need to shift your mindset to not think of advertising/outsourcing (paying people to write articles for you) as an expense but as an investment. You need to manage your ROI very carefully and that takes a lot of testing and money that you’re prepared to lose (to do the testing)… but once you discover a product that converts (and a system that maximizes conversions – all the way from traffic generation -> squeeze page -> opt-ins -> follow-ups –< sales), you can milk it for all its worth... which is what I'm doing =)

Dense says:

Can you list out the method you have used to make money online through affiliate marketing? I read through ebooks but i dun really think they are very practical. Most of them are too good to believe or too simple that only scratch the surface. I already know how to get products from clickbank. I just want to know how to sell them. It’s great if you’re willing to share your valuable experience with me.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Dense, I gather that you’ve read through a number of ebooks and perhaps they have all been saying the same thing… (based on the same foundations)

And I understand that after reading them, you may feel that, hey I don’t want to read about this… I want to learn new and exciting strategies and tactics! That’s really normal… even I tend to do that… we are only humans… we are excited by new and exciting things….

However, you have to realize that unless you implement what you read and get the results, you’ll never know FOR SURE if it works for you… a lot of tactics/strategies/ideas discussed in the ebooks you’ve read may be simple… but you know what, it doesn’t matter if they are simple or not, what matters is if they work! And just reading and deciding in your mind, if they do work or not, instead of ACTUALLY TESTING THEM OUT won’t cut it.

Do yourself a favor. Re-read any one of your ebooks… TAKE JUST ONE TACTIC and IMPLEMENT IT… even if you think it’s silly, even if you think it won’t work… even if you think it’s simple… JUST DO IT… Then see what happens… The questions you’ll be asking after you’ve taken the most crucial step of implementing and getting feedback will be so much more different than the ones you ask by analyzing the tactics in your head and not actually trying them out.

Javier Chua says:

Hi Shun Jian,

Is your online income mainly through blogging? Based on your personal experience and income earned, are you earning more through selling physical products on CJ?


Yee Shun Jian says:

Javier, most of my income comes from affiliate sales of digital products/services… not physical products… I do make money from amazon etc but they pale in comparison to the amount I make from digital products/services

penny says:

How to generate four figures consistenly online from your blog or website every single month instead of chum change.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi James, since you’re new to IM, I’d rather you focus on learning about affiliate marketing first. Don’t waste your time creating a product when you haven’t even learned how to sell one.

james says:

i want to know how to promote a product.iam still very new to internet maketing and i dont know how to go about it exactly.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Esther, refer to my previous comment (the one above you) where I talk about how you need to get your own domain name and hosting first. Then read about my internet marketing journey… and what I had to go through.

Obviously I’m assuming you already have a niche in mind… a niche is like a market you want to get in, that you can build up your expertise in…

To find out more about niches, I suggest you opt-in and watch this video now

Come back and share what you’ve learned and ask more questions…

But you must do what I say first… no point asking and asking and not implementing… you only learn by doing…

esther says:

This is amazing making millions thru internet marketing. It is my goal now to earn much since I did not save for my retirement and now me and my husband are living alone. Our children are all married and living on their own. I’m in the insurance business as commissioned agent and income cant suffice needs. How do I start this thing. thanks

Yap says:

I want to learn much about internet marketing
I hope to keep this short and sweet:
1. what is basic setup capital/cost to start such business? please advise on some figure to begin with.
2. how and where do you get products to sell?
3. how and where do you get customers to buy?
4. what is difference between hosting business and internet marketing?

thanks for your kind attention.


Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Yap, the cost for starting an internet business is quite cheap.

You can

1) Get a domain name for about US$10/year
2) Get hosting for less than US$10/month (basic plan)
3) Get an autoresponder for less than US$20/month

That works out to be only about US$30/month or less than US$400 a year!

Advertising is optional… though I highly recommend it because you can get traffic fast and you can set your own budget for that (an amount you are comfortable with). I started with US$50 on google adwords.

For products, you can look through clickbank, commission junction and amazon. These are the biggest affiliate networks.

As for getting people to buy, you must first provide massive value. I detail how I do that in the following blog post:

How I made S$103,789.85 in revenue from Affiliate Marketing in 2009

Please read it thoroughly because I spent the time to write about all the steps you can model for your own success in internet marketing.

As for your last question… I don’t really get what you mean… feel free to elaborate. Thanks!

Yee Shun Jian says:

Zeesu, you need to be careful when investing in programs that teach you how to make money online. There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes out there…

I’ve personally spent over $20,000 on seminars and courses for personal development as well as internet marketing. And definitely I got ripped off before… I just have to treat it as a lesson learned and move on.

One guideline is… If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

zeesu says:

sound very interesting about your journey of earning money you think it worth to spend lot of money on program which teach how to earn money online?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hey Tom, you can read more about my online success here

I’m more into affiliate marketing rather than CPA and I make use of PPC, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing together with blogging.

The principles of article marketing are similar to that for blogging. Obviously, you need great content. You need a killer headline. And most importantly, you need a strong call to action…

The purpose of article marketing is to drive traffic back to your sites. Ideally, you should link back to your squeeze page with your byline/author bio paragraph by making a compelling offer:

For eg… “Love what you read? Click here to sign up for my FREE internet marketing email course!

You can offer a free ebook, a free email course and/or a free email newsletter subscription… Of course it must be relevant to the article that you’re sending to the article directories.

Standard SEO practices apply. Make sure you have your keywords in the title of your article as well as scattered throughout your entire article. Don’t spam though! Or you’ll be penalized.

A good density would be about 2%.

Hope that helps!

Tom Harvey says:


I would be interested to hear more about your successes online and the techniques that you use. Are you into affiliate marketing, or CPA?
I have recently started affiliate marketing and in particular article marketing so would be interested to hear any tips or techniques that you could share.
All the best


valerie mosso says:

Nice post about setting up a blog.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Hi Win Chong,

If you’re able to wait, I would be conducting mini-workshops in Oct/Nov this year on setting up your own personal blog.

Basically the steps to set up your personal blog include:

1) Getting your own domain name

2) Getting and paying for your own hosting.

3) Linking your domain name to your hosting account

4) Setting up wordpress on your own domain

5) Installing and activating themes and plugins

The oost for a domain name is around US$10/year and that for hosting is usually less than US$10/month.

For themes (which are basically design templates for your site), there are both free and paid ones available depending on your requirements and budget.

For your info, Conrad is actually using a wordpress theme for his website (which means it’s not a custom design that could cost a lot of money). In my opinion, that’s the best way to go for any beginner starting up.

You don’t want to spend too much money on the design of your site, but you do want to invest the necessary money on the essentials such as web hosting.

Hope that helps!

Win Chong says:

Shun Jian, Can you share who can we contact for set up a personal Blog for internet marketing .I like the conrald Blog format (presentation is neat)Do you know who and contact? set up for conrald Blog? How muct will it cost to set up such a Blog?

Yee Shun Jian says:

Win Chong, I’m holding a workshop this Sunday (5 Sept 2010)… Get back to me if you’re interested.

james says:

hi shunjian,
we met during the YOG fireworks. remember us?

please email me the details for this sept 5 workshop.

thanks in advance,

friend of locke.

Yee Shun Jian says:

Emailed =)

joanne wong says:

Kindly keep me informed if you have any workshop coming up.Thanks 🙂