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Free Webinar: 10 Secrets of Millionaire Experts and Information Marketers

Brendon Burchard just posted an INCREDIBLE webinar that you can watch without opting-in or anything.
It’s called “10 Secrets of Millionaire Experts and Information Marketers” and it’s dead on.

Since it doesn’t cost anything I don’t think it will be up for long so check it out. Here’s my outline:
— Choose Your Topic
— Choose Your Audience
— Choose Your Vehicle
— Campaign
— How experts earn $1,000,000 (this was fascinating) 
WARNING: Brendon figured out some ninja way to play this like it was a live webinar, so no skipping ahead to the 10 secrets. I can tell you they included:
Secret #2: Dig Deep, Align the Fenceposts (brilliant metaphor)
Secret #5: Focus on Distinction, Excellence and Service
Secret #8: Teach a Little, Charge a Lot
It’s impossible to describe how much Brendon covered in these 90 minutes. Just watch it – trust me.
The FAQs were awesome, too, including:
#5: What if I’m not a good “marketer” or “salesperson”?
#8: What if I don’t have a platform or big list?
#10: What about the economy?
Personally, I think Brendon should cut this webinar up and charge $197 for it. But whatever – the guy delivers and that’s why people keep following him.
This will take your career to the next level. You should definitely model it for your business.

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