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Let me ask you a question:

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Goodbye, Trey Pennington… You’ll be missed!

Trey Pennington Death by SuicideJust heard that a fellow internet marketer Trey Pennington took his own life today.

His last words on twitter were “Sure am thankful for online friends who are real friends offline, too. Love you.”

This is very sad… As I said before, internet marketing can be a very lonely profession. Trey had hundreds of thousands of followers but yet he must have felt that there wasn’t really anybody there for him when he needed someone.

I think many of us can relate to that.

I know this may be a cliché but suicide IS really a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Seek help if you’re facing depression!

God Bless Trey’s family and everyone affected by his sudden death…


Hostgator 4th of July Super Sale – 40% Off!

Hostgator 4th of July Super Sale 40% Off

Great news! Hostgator is having a 4th of July Super Sale… For TODAY ONLY, you’ll get 40% off ALL Hostgator hosting plans and ALL Term lengths!

Here are some notes about the promotion:

  • 1 Day only (Ends at 11:59PM CST, 4th of July 2011)
  • 40% Off the FIRST INVOICE of all plans and all terms lengths. Please note VPS and Dedicated are only available for 1 month so the discount will apply to only the first month (first invoice).
  • Existing clients CAN take advantage of this offer. They will be required to add a new/additional hosting account and keep both the non-discounted plan (current/old plan) + this new, discounted plan active for the length of the term selected on the new plan in order to continue to receive the discounted rate.
  • Offer valid through the following link:

If you’ve always wanted to get your own web hosting plan, there’s no better time to do it than RIGHT NOW… Hurry because this is an extremely time limited offer!

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