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I run internet marketing workshops, from time to time, to help newbies get started on their internet marketing journeys. The following are some testimonials from my “Ready, Fire, IM!” Internet Marketing Workshops:

Video Testimonial From Ezen Ho

Video Testimonial From Michael Spencer Balensiefer

Video Testimonial From Elson Wong

Video Testimonial From Neo RuoYing

Video Testimonial From Lock Lee

Video Testimonial From Eric Lim

Video Testimonial From Yumi Kitahama

Video Testimonial From Yully Chandra

Video Testimonial From Normah Ahmad

Written Testimonials

Engaging and interesting. The hands-on approach is essential to get us to be acquainted with the technical aspects” – Lock Lee


Having been there and done that, Shun Jian understands the problems a novice will face and address them during the workshop. The practical and hands-on format of the workshop is definitely useful to get you started in internet marketing!” – Neo RuoYing


Shun Jian’s workshop allows me to realize how amazing the power of internet marketing. He also shared with us his own experience and it’s a truly eye-opening for us. This is a no-frills workshop that you must attend” – Yully Chandra


I’m a beginner in blog. I have the opportunity to learn here. Got started immediately” – Umma Salmah


Shun Jian, thank you very much for your guidance in setting up my blog and domain name. I’ve been wanting to do this for several months now but didn’t have a clue of how I can start this. Thank you.” – Normah Ahmad


The step by step guide was useful and effective… within the same session, we have already set up our own blog” – Jeremy Lee


Previously, I thought it’s not easy to start internet marketing. Now thanks to Shun Jian, I finally managed to take the first step to jump into internet marketing world! Thank you so much, Shun Jian!” – Yumi Kitahama


Want to stop paying and wasting thousands of your precious money in Internet marketing workshops? Shun Jian’s workshop is a hands on practical approach to starting your very own blogging business.

Unlike other workshops, you are setting your own blog site in real time which helps those like me who procrastinate. he will enlighten you with the technical aspects as well as provide tips on how to achieve your money making site.

His willingness to share what he has learnt from his top gurus and his success in achieving in this business is inspiring. Everyone who wants earn money from their blog site but is afraid to start or even ask, Shun Jian is the one to go for.” -Hsi May


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